Thursday, June 17, 2010

OK I know that I am the worse blogger but I always check you all out. And I'm glad that I have such wonderful blogs to learn from. Its been crazy here. Trying to get things done. I'm in a swap and guess what happened. Yes my sewing machine took SICK. So I brought her in and she is so sick they didn't have the part and they needed to order it. That's OK I will start using the machine I bought at a church sale. Well I thought it was working and guess what its not. So this will need to go in next. My machine should be done hopefully (Keep my fingers cross) next week and every thing is ready to finish so I should be OK. I might have to mail it over night. If that's the worse that's OK So wish me luck and I will see you all on your blog. Thanks again for all the wonderful blogs I follow.


  1. Nothing like a sick machine to make quilting life difficult, is there! Hope yours are going again soon.

  2. I just saw that you guessed correctly that Barb had 72 zippers.
    how in the world did you get that many to count? I could see that many - I think my count was forty two.



  3. Hallo Sherry
    Vielen Dank für dein wunderschönes Siggy, meines für dich ist verpackt und geht heute noch zur Post.
    Ganz liebe Grüsse Marie-Louise