Thursday, July 30, 2009

Rachels give away

Hey do to Because Rachel is having a great giveaway. Go check out her blog she has some great things there.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Here a photo of what Geta Shadow Trapunto patterns look like. Aren't I a lucky girl. Thanks again Geta

I'm a winner

Well on Tues I found out that I'm a winner for the first time. I put my name in Geta give away and never thought i would win. So on Tues I get an email to say I was a winner. If I ever wanted to win something this is want I really wanted to win. Have you ever seen her work. Well she does Shadow Trapunto patterns. I have been following her blog because she has the most beautiful quilts and I have been wondering how did she do them. Well she now has a ebook out that you can buy a pattern that she has made. I have been thinking I will buy one but I had to finish some products before I can ever think of looking at something else to start. But now I have the pattern but I still have to wait to finish what in my bucket list. So if you would love to see some different kind of quilting go to Geta web site and enjoy. She also makes some lovely bowls. Have fun at her site.
Thank you Gera for the lovely gift and as soon as I can make one I will post it so you can all see.
Have a great day.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Cancer quilts

Hi I need some help my dear friend has just found out she has breast cancer. She has always been able to brighten my life up so I am going to do a quilt with bright colours so I can now brighten her up threw this time of her life. The problem is I don't know what size to do. If you can let know what you would do would be great. I was planning to do a cotton quilt should I think of using something else.Thanks for your help

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

First quilt

I was asked to post some photos of my quilts. So now I can download photos so I going to start. Oct. 2008 I took my first quilting class and this is my first quilt that I made. I think it took 2 classes to finish it. She called it the 9 square block but now from the blog I hear its called the disappearing 9 block. Its small the size is 28 by 34. The quilting was stitching in the ditch. Also for my first one my back fabric is plain black I was afraid to do anything but plain. That has now change. Seeing its my first one I was so pleased. I don't have that many so I will do one at the time

Another swap

OK I have said no more swaps and here is a new siggy swap so I was lucky to join. Then this will be the last one for awhile. Sure Sherry I said that maybe 2 weeks ago and look at me. But its so much fun I love doing them. Would you like to loin.

Thanks Danielle

Trying to get the photos up I forgot to thanks Danielle for the lovely material she sent me I can't wait to see what I can do with them. But I have my other items to do first. But maybe I can squeeze it in soon. LOL

Water Couler swap.

Yea I think I can do this now. This is what Danielle made for me I now think I can start putting on the photos of my quilts. I wish I had a kid so they can help me with how to use a computer. Well I would like to say thanks again to Danielle for the lovely job she did.

By the way this is the very first swap that I have received besides siggys.