Saturday, September 5, 2009

Halloween Swap

Well I just finished my Halloween swap and I took the photos from Jane's Fabrics and Quilts. Jane put together a wonderful swap. I have to say it was absolutely the best swap I have been in and if you ever get to be in a swap that she has put together you will love it.

So if I do it correct you are going to see the blocks I have have done.

Yes I got in 2 times in 1 group and decided this was not enough so I joined another group so I had 3 theme blocks of 12 to do and 3 different 9 square blocks of 12 each. I was busy but I also ran into a few problems. So I had to keep emailing Jane for help but I have to say she would always help me out.

So here are the photos of my blocks .


Hi I'm just home and have to leave again But at blog she having a sale on her ebay site 40% off she had 125 items to see and I just noticed she only had 104 and it just started today. Its only for the weekend so get over to her web site sorry tried to paste the address but could not but I must go. Hope you find lots that you would like to get. Have a great weekend

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Hi I have been crazy but I will have to say the next week I will probelly not be checking in to anything. I'm helping a freind with there very sick mother and I'm working at my job and I'm taking the night shift at the hospital so I will not be able to even check in let along do a blog. I'm missing a few great blogs that I keep saying I have to do seeing I received a few swaps so i have to post them when I get back But when things in our life we must do them. Take care and talk to you soon.