Thursday, September 9, 2010

I have been asked from a few bloggers where I have been. Well I'm not much of a blogger but I love to follow the blogs I follow but hate to blog .
Now that summer is over I now have a cold and I hate it. Makes me very tired. So very tired.
I had to take my sewing machine in to get fixed. They had it for 2 weeks when I went to pick it up i was not fixed. They sent it back and had it for another 2 or so weeks. When I went to pick it up your right it still was not fixed. I had to do a swap so I had to take it as is and finish my swap and I brought it back to get fixed. Now they have had it for almost 4 weeks and now I have it in my hands. I will use it hopefully this weekend and hope its all OK.
Next I am going to start working extra extra hours from now to Christmas so I will not be blogging I hope to still follow but not every day. So if you don't hear from me I'm not dead.
If you are in the siggy swap and I have forgotten to send you your siggy please let me know. I try to keep all the siggies in order but I have been making some mistakes. So please remind me if you didn't get yours.
My PIF I am late but almost done. SO I hope to get them done and mail them out ASAP.
Well to the next few months of extra hours of work but I keep thinking what I can do with all my money I will make from my hard work. Guess what I thought I could buy. Yes your right some STASH just what I need more stash.
Well talk to you all sooner or later.