Thursday, July 23, 2009

I'm a winner

Well on Tues I found out that I'm a winner for the first time. I put my name in Geta give away and never thought i would win. So on Tues I get an email to say I was a winner. If I ever wanted to win something this is want I really wanted to win. Have you ever seen her work. Well she does Shadow Trapunto patterns. I have been following her blog because she has the most beautiful quilts and I have been wondering how did she do them. Well she now has a ebook out that you can buy a pattern that she has made. I have been thinking I will buy one but I had to finish some products before I can ever think of looking at something else to start. But now I have the pattern but I still have to wait to finish what in my bucket list. So if you would love to see some different kind of quilting go to Geta web site and enjoy. She also makes some lovely bowls. Have fun at her site.
Thank you Gera for the lovely gift and as soon as I can make one I will post it so you can all see.
Have a great day.

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