Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Help down loading a logo

I'm trying to download the pincushion swap logo and I am have trouble. I have been able to change my page but I can't download the logo. If you can help please do so.


  1. The pincushion mouse "button" is showing up on your blog, so you did it right. I have a hard time with posting other sites "buttons" some times too. There is great blog site, I think it's blog doctor... google it. It has a ton of advice for fixing blog issues. Good luck.

  2. If you want to put the swap logo on the side of your blog,go to the "dashboard" and under your blog name you will "layout" click on it and it will take you to the blog layout page. Look to the right and you will see "Add a gadget" Click on it and it will bring up a new window. Scroll down and look for "picture" There it asks you to put in the info for the "picture" I find it easier to save the logo to my computer first and then feel in the info and download the picture form computer. Hope I haven't confused you and
    Just want to say welcome to blogging.
    Have fun.