Monday, February 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad

My father past away this past June and it is his first Bday with out him. I will be lucky I will be spending the day with my sis and step mom. How lucky am I. I miss him so much but he always told us that we never forget the ones that have past on but with time and years its just a little easier on us.

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  1. Sherry, You just left a comment on my blog regarding the siggy swap sign-up. I tried to email you back but your comment is set to "no-reply" which means your comment has no email address on it.

    If you wish to sign up for the siggy swap you will have to send me this info by email first:
    Name (first & last)
    Mailing address
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    After I receive it, I will email you back, put your name on the list. All the information about the swap is right on my blog - just go there and scroll down through the posts until you find them (some in February, some in January).

    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Connie W
    "Cootie Bug"